MOICANA will exploit solid state molecular beam epitaxy (SS-MBE) towards developing a heterogeneous epitaxial process that can enable the monolithic integration of high-performance InP based QD laser material by planar overgrowth of (001) Si surfaces.
MOICANA aims to synergize the high-quality InP QD laser characteristics with the scalability, versatility and low propagation loss properties of SiN waveguide technology through a monolithic integration process that can ensure high yield and large volume manufacturing at the lowest possible cost.

MOICANA will realize for the first time a low-loss optical coupling interface between the InP QD active structures and the SiN waveguide in order to optically bridge the two monolithically integrated material platforms.
MOICANA will take advantage of its monolithic InP QD-on-SiN integration process towards deploying and demonstrating the first monolithically integrated 1.55μm Directly Modulated Laser on the SiN platform.
MOICANA will deliver two important building blocks as monolithically integrated InP QD-on-Si devices: i) A low-linewidth high output power QD DFB laser and ii) a linear InP QD-on-SiN electro-optic modulator. Taking advantage of these modules and the increased agility credentials of its SiN-based monolithic platform, MOICANA will demonstrate two different EML versions: i) a 5G fronthaul EML module delivering 5GHz sub-carrier modulated DSP-formatted wireless signals and ii) A 5G Fronthaul EML module providing mmWave sub-carrier modulated DSP-formatted wireless signals
MOICANA aims to highlight the shift towards low-cost and large volume manufacturing monolithic SiN transmitters also in the area of coherent applications by deploying and demonstrating a high-performance coherent tunable laser source, exploiting the seamless synergy of the InP QD gain section with SiN-based passive and thermo-optic structures.

MOICANA’s roadmap for highly scalable and agile monolithic transmitter PICs with cost and yield advantages in a wide range of applications will be highlighted by its temperature-tolerant 4-channel WDM PIC prototype modules with the demonstration of a i) a 100Gb/s (4x25Gb/s) DML PIC transmitter prototype as a QSFP28 pluggable module and ii) a 28Gbaud (4x7Gbaud) EML PIC
transmitter prototype

MOICANA’s monolithic SiN transmitter technology platform will be validated in Data Center Interconnects links, in inter-DC coherent communications, in next-generation 100GbE access and in 5G fronthauling.

MOICANA aims to secure the rapid take-up of its new technology by industrial and research PIC designers and manufacturers andwill facilitate its use by end-users irrespective of their technology and application background by lowering the entry barriers through the deployment of complete PDK libraries and PDA Flow process design kits.