The wide-spread adoption of optical transceivers in a broad range of application domains is urgently calling for a low-cost and large volume manufacturing integration technology that can meet the different specifications required in every application sector and urgently scale up to serve the growing telecom and datacom markets. Current commercial silicon photonic transceiver modules have, however, still not escaped from the need for complex and expensive hybrid integration substrates, since they rely on externally coupled InP laser sources with the assembly and the redundant testing for the pre- and post-coupled laser serving as additional cost-increasing factors.

… and the MOICANA solution

MOICANA aims to produce the technological background for growing InP QDs directly on Si prior synergizing InP QD structures with the best-in-class, in terms of losses and temperature sensitivity, in a CMOS fab, i.e. the SiN waveguide technology. It aims to shape the necessary framework for the delivery of a low-cost and large volume manufacturing monolithic InP QD-on-SiN transmitter PIC platform, highlighting its versatile and scalable perspectives and its broad market take-up credentials through the demonstrations of a whole new series of cooler-less, energy-efficient and high-performance single-channel and WDM transmitter modules for:
Data Center Interconnects
5G Mobile fronthaul
Coherent communication